Scripting excellence: Pen and paper is how we roll….

I’d like for you to engage in a little exercise with me.  Just how many movies do you think will be made in Hollywood this year?  Okay – now out of those films, how many of those projects will begin by having the camera man start filming the plot – guided by the director?  The answer:  None. Why? Because no script means no movie.

Delivering creative or strategic genius means that you must first connect that brilliant idea or vision to the finished product – through a script, roadmap or blueprint.  Let’s think of it this way:  if you were walking a path in the woods you wouldn’t lay the bricks right before you stepped on them – because you’d have no idea where you were going, right?  Unfortunately, many business strategists and creative teams miss the critical step of authentic preparation – and rule it out as time consuming. They instead choose to begin and finish their work in their presentation screen (bad, bad, bad).

Newsflash: excellence is scripted. It’s not fast, it’s not perfect it’s rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands all mucked up.  The work we do at MarlaBean is as software-based and computer-driven as it gets.  And yet, most of our designers/developers start their projects the same way, curled up on a bean bag, hovering over a desk or perched at one of our high tables – with white paper and a writing instrument (for me, it’s a simple, black spiral bound sketchbook and a blue papermate pen).  It surprises many of our clients to know that 80% of the work we do – is done completely ‘unplugged’.  You see, this gives us the freedom to take down our ideas and test them outside the judging glare of our uber-smart software programs.

Abraham Lincoln famously said “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”  And that pretty much sums up our workstyle…we don’t start developing a website until our blueprint is ridiculously sharp…bleeding edge, that’s how we roll.

Our Blog…Finally!

Hi, its Marla from MarlaBean and I’ll be honest:  this blog is ridiculously overdue.  As you can guess we’ve got a lot to say about websites, e-commerce and how to really “shine” online.  And we promise to keep the content fresh, useful and even entertaining.  But most important to us is that you feel engaged enough to ask questions, make comments and share your experiences.  So.  Here. We. Go!