I’d like for you to engage in a little exercise with me.  Just how many movies do you think will be made in Hollywood this year?  Okay – now out of those films, how many of those projects will begin by having the camera man start filming the plot – guided by the director?  The answer:  None. Why? Because no script means no movie.

Delivering creative or strategic genius means that you must first connect that brilliant idea or vision to the finished product – through a script, roadmap or blueprint.  Let’s think of it this way:  if you were walking a path in the woods you wouldn’t lay the bricks right before you stepped on them – because you’d have no idea where you were going, right?  Unfortunately, many business strategists and creative teams miss the critical step of authentic preparation – and rule it out as time consuming. They instead choose to begin and finish their work in their presentation screen (bad, bad, bad).

Newsflash: excellence is scripted. It’s not fast, it’s not perfect it’s rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands all mucked up.  The work we do at MarlaBean is as software-based and computer-driven as it gets.  And yet, most of our designers/developers start their projects the same way, curled up on a bean bag, hovering over a desk or perched at one of our high tables – with white paper and a writing instrument (for me, it’s a simple, black spiral bound sketchbook and a blue papermate pen).  It surprises many of our clients to know that 80% of the work we do – is done completely ‘unplugged’.  You see, this gives us the freedom to take down our ideas and test them outside the judging glare of our uber-smart software programs.

Abraham Lincoln famously said “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”  And that pretty much sums up our workstyle…we don’t start developing a website until our blueprint is ridiculously sharp…bleeding edge, that’s how we roll.